Ryan Shields for Freedom

March 10, 2014

Ryan Shields is currently up for nomination in the 21st Congressional District. He is hard working, and understands the value of the dollar. One of his most important issues is to bring a balanced budget to Washington.

He understands that it’s not fair for a child to be born, already $30,000 in debt. He understands that tiny cuts in the deficit don’t solve the problem – the deficit has to be gone completely before we can even begin to start paying off the debt.

He will work to end the drug war and reintroduce the Marihuana tax act of 1937.

I also have faith that he will do his best in helping repeal the Affordable Care Act and increase personal property rights!

I have worked with Ryan personally for the past several months, and gotten to know his ideas and policies very well. I believe that he would be the best congressman we could send to Washington to help fight the national debt.

He knows that the NSA and their collection of data is an extreme violation of our 4th amendments, and he is willing to fight to bring them in line with the law.

You can learn more about Ryan and his policies at ShieldsForFreedom.com