You have good kids, but what happens when they get caught with a bad crowd?

March 9, 2014
This scenario isn’t too farfetched. Imagine your kids get mixed up with the wrong crowd – even just once. They are in high school, they are hanging out with some friends, and one of them happens to have some pot. Now we all know that kids are curious, and that curiosity is a sign of intelligence. If it weren’t for curiosity, we would have any of the great advancements of science that make our lives so comfortable today.
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Cameras in the Courtroom

March 1, 2014
We often see big trials publicized on the news with video recorded from within the courtroom. But do you know how much effort it takes to get the cameras in there? Our court system was developed so that we would have public trials, so that the world could see what went on – not because it’s some amazing spectacle, but to ensure that the judges, officers, jurors, and everyone else were acting within their rights, and not abusing the rights of the accused.
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