You have good kids, but what happens when they get caught with a bad crowd?

March 9, 2014

This scenario isn’t too farfetched. Imagine your kids get mixed up with the wrong crowd – even just once. They are in high school, they are hanging out with some friends, and one of them happens to have some pot.

Now we all know that kids are curious, and that curiosity is a sign of intelligence. If it weren’t for curiosity, we would have any of the great advancements of science that make our lives so comfortable today. We wouldn’t know about radio waves that connect our cell phones or even how electricity works to power them. Kids are curious about drugs an alcohol, and most of them will try them at least once, just to see what they are like.

If your kids happen to sneak into your liquor cabinet, the worst case scenario is that they get a little drunk and hopefully dislike it so much that they never touch the stuff again. If you catch them in the act, you’ll be able to deliver a lecture about why they shouldn’t drink alcohol, or depending on your policy, why they shouldn’t drink it until they are older. But what happens when they try pot? Or what happens if they are even in the same room as some other kids trying it? There’s a very good possibility that if he is caught, his future will be completely destroyed.

Imagine, your kid getting caught taking a single hit in a school restroom, influenced by some other kids who may smoke it more habitually. School staff just happens to catch them and accused all three of them of dealing and/or smoking pot in the restroom. Your kid is expelled from the school, and possibly even handed over to the criminal justice system. The lightest charge he could get is a misdemeanor, and the heaviest could be a felony. The school could expel him, and what about his chances of getting into college? What about getting a job?

The fact is that your kid will be much more harshly punished, simply because marijuana is a schedule 1 narcotic – considered to be the MOST dangerous drugs, in the same category as LSD and heroin. It’s even considered to be more dangerous than cocaine and meth (schedule 2).

Marijuana is not dangerous – it doesn’t make you lose your teeth, it doesn’t make you see imaginary dragons, it doesn’t cause brain damage, and not a single death has ever been reported from it’s use – neither long term effects nor overdose. So why is it that getting caught with it can do more damage to your kids future that smoking it in the first place?

Consider that at least the last three presidents of the United States have at least experimented with smoking it, and whether or not you agree with their politics, getting elected to the highest office in this country is not something just anyone can accomplish. If they had been caught when they were younger, they would have had a criminal record that may have completely barred them from achieving those goals. So why is it, that getting caught can do more damage to your kid’s future, than the damage of experimenting itself?

If your kids are caught smoking pot, the school should report them to you. Maybe they get suspended, and you give them a lecture and ground them. But destroy their future and take away all their opportunities? Is that really what you want for your kids?

The war on drugs is taken way to far, when instead of prosecuting violent distributors, they are destroying the futures of people who were intelligent enough to be curious. It’s time to end this war.