Taxes in Texas

March 1, 2014

I can guarantee you that I will never vote for a tax increase or a spending increase. If someone wants to spend more, they will have to take it from somewhere else.

I have seen the waste that goes on in government, and it’s time to get these departments to do more with less.

New state projects that are expected to be funded by the taxpayer, should be funded voluntarily. It doesn’t make any sense to tax people in west Texas to pay for a bridge in east Texas, or to increase a tax without consulting the people who are going to have to pay it.

Before governments were allowed to forcibly take money from it’s citizens, they raised money by issuing bonds. This way citizens could voluntarily pay for government projects – only when they approved of them. If the project was being wasteful or not making any progress, the citizens had the ability to stop the project before they ended up wasting even more resources.

Most importantly, the funding citizens got to hold onto their bonds. If the project were to raise money during it’s execution, like collecting a fee to use public transportation, the bond holders would receive the benefit of that additional money.

Would you blindly allow a corporation to take money from your every month and steal your property if you didn’t pay, in order to build some big thing that would supposedly benefit you and everyone in your community, but that you had no power to stop if the project started going downhill? And no way to stop them from taking your money or property? This doesn’t make any sense! Why would you allow the government to do the same?