Police Accountability

February 28, 2014

In the past year in Texas, I have seen some horrible crimes committed by police officers.

Everything from innocent people being cavity searched on the side of the road, people forcefully held down by police to have blood drawn, a women raped by an officer right here in San Antonio, all the way to friendly neighborhood dogs being shot when they were not posing any threat to any sane minded person.

I have personally witnessed racism in the San Antonio Police Department and Bexar County Sheriff Department.

I have been tracking police misconduct for years, and founded an organization to track this information called Accountable Authority (http://accountableauthority.com)

Over the past few years, police have become more and more aggressive in taking our rights, and treating innocent people like criminals. It is now to the point where literally doing nothing can make you a suspect to a crime, and subject to a painful criminal investigation.

One of the main reasons this is happening is not because of any change in law, but because officers are being allowed to break the law, and there are no consequences for their actions.

I have created a piece of legislature called the Police Accountability Act, which would hold officers accountable for their actions. It introduces fines to be issued directly to officers when they break the laws that violate your rights. If an officer breaks the law which ends up in a lawsuit, they would be held personally accountable, instead of letting people sue the city for millions of dollars that just get passed right along to the tax payer. They would permanently lose their job and not be employable as an officer if they continued to break the law and injure your rights.